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Let Our Experts Check Homes and Businesses in Leesburg for Asbestos

Asbestos has a number of uses in construction processes, but can also cause significant health issues for home and business owners in Leesburg, VA. Appliances and fixtures in residential or commercial properties can contain dangerous levels of asbestos that only a professional should handle. Trying to remove or abate asbestos on your own can lead to severe and even fatal health problems. For over ten years, the hazardous material professionals at Pittsnogle, LLC, have removed asbestos from homes in the Leesburg, VA, area. For more information on how to remove asbestos from residential and commercial properties in the Shenandoah Valley, talk to Pittsnogle, LLC.

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Lead and Mold Services for Properties in Ashburn, VA

Residential and commercial properties in Ashburn, VA, can face exposure to mold and lead depending on a variety of circumstances. Some of the furniture and toys inside of a home can lead residents to lead exposure. Some of the deteriorating lead paint can cause issues to anyone living or working in a building, particularly pregnant women and children. In addition to lead, mold can also cause health issues and is very common in buildings. From leaks and high levels of humidity and moisture, mold can find its way into the air in these buildings. For mold and lead removal and abatement in Ashburn, VA, call Pittsnogle, LLC, today.

Demolition Services for Purcellville and Round Hill, VA

When exploring construction projects, it is important to consider selective demolition to save money and energy. Residents of Purcellville and Round Hill, VA, can find these services from the professionals at Pittsnogle, LLC. We have provided these services for over a decade to home and business owners throughout West Virginia and Virginia, including Loudoun County. When properties in Purcellville and Round Hill need an efficient demolition service for construction or hazardous material removal, they can call Pittsnogle, LLC.